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If you’ve checked social media or your mailbox in the last few months, you know that wedding season is definitely here. Whether your big day is quickly approaching or you’re in the bridal party, you need some wedding makeup tips.

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Prepare, prepare, prepare

You deserve to look especially stunning on your wedding day and, as with all other facets of wedding planning, your look must be carefully tested and approved. This is not the day to experiment. We recommend scheduling an initial trial run at least six months prior, and then a second attempt no more than two months before the big day. Make sure you are compatible with your makeup artist and on the same page, down to the very last eyelash coating.

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Get your skincare routine down to a science

If you have been slacking with your skincare routine, a few months before the wedding is a good time to pick it up! Schedule monthly treatments (facials) at your favorite makeup salon to illuminate and firm your complexion, giving you the best base for makeup. Skin cannot simply be “fixed” the day of, so schedule at least three appointments in the months prior.

Now, the makeup

Smoky eyes? Subtle definition? A bold lip? There are so many directions to take as far as wedding day makeup, and we often turn to Hollywood for inspiration. But, what’s most important is capturing a look that is not only effortless to wear, but that you will love and appreciate for years to come. Here are some options! 

Poised and polished

Go for a polished look with a light wash of eyeshadow and pearly pink lipstick. Add subtle bronzer for elegance. The sun-kissed glow will also help you shine on camera, instead of appearing washed out. 

Light it up

Looking for an all-around glow? Use ample luminescent foundation and primer. This kind of look is always camera-ready yet somewhat understated.

Sultry smoke

Smoke it up! Layer a soft cream shadow with a darker color and blend to a dewy finish. Add some eyelash extensions to really make your eyes pop!

Also, let’s not forget:  wear waterproof mascara. It is just the rule. Even if you’re not a “cryer,” your wedding day will bring out a mix of beautiful emotions; be ready for it!

Classic red

If you want to emphasize your luscious lips, look no further than a classic red lipstick. It harkens back to Old Hollywood, and makes a statement without being over-the-top (if done well).

Big and bold

It is your wedding day! What more important day to look glamorous and confident all over? Mix deep smoky eyes and bold lips for a pigmented, velvety look. Use a small-tipped brush for eyeliner application accuracy.

Avoid a shiny face with a dusting of translucent powder across the forehand, sides of the nose and on the chin using a powder puff. Applying a soft, shimmery highlighter to the temples afterward will guarantee a glowing, not shining face.

Make it last

The key to wedding makeup is endurance: people will be taking pictures of you and your bridal all night, and you need makeup that lasts from the first to last flash of a camera. Create a lasting look with plenty of primer after cleansing and moisturizing. Add foundation on top of your primer. Then, apply everything in thin, even layers for a durable, flawless look!

Be sure to also pack a touch-up kit to keep your makeup fresh and vibrant throughout the day’s festivities. Essentials like blush, cotton swabs, tissues, and translucent powder can be stored in a bridesmaid’s clutch purse for quick moments in-between main events or snapshots. Your groom can even carry extra lip gloss or mascara in his suit jacket!

Need a wedding glam squad? Call Zano Salons today to schedule your first hair and/or makeup trial. Our on-location team of expert stylists, makeup artists, and consultants will come to you to give you a stress-free, relaxing, and dreamy day to remember!

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