Four Great Reasons To Have A Salon Or Spa Party


SaA spa day for yourself can be relaxing, but it’s even better if you spend it with your friends. Spa parties and trips to the salon are so popular because they work for pretty much any event. From a simple get-together or a birthday celebration, there’s no party like a spa party.

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Frankie Says Relax

A hard — or stressful — day at work calls for a massage. You can opt for a regular session or turn up the heat with a river rock massage. Some people choose the latter option because it quickly relieves tension in your muscles. The high heat of the stones also increases blood circulation, which eliminates any aches and pains throughout the body.

A facial treatment is another great way to relax at the spa. You can choose from different options that range from a simple treatment to newer methods like hydrolifting. The calm atmosphere, candles, and heated bed should keep you in a state of bliss while you get a younger and smoother face.

Treat Yourself

A spa day is the pinnacle of luxurious pampering, so why not gift yourself with the royal treatment on your birthday? You can start the day with a manicure and pedicure, which includes a hand and foot massage in addition to the usual shaping and filing of your nails. Afterwards, head down on the massage table to receive either a standard massage or a river rock treatment. To top it all off, get some facial treatments while resting on a heated bed and listening to calming music.

Happily Ever After

The big wedding is today and you need to look on point, whether you’re in the wedding party or just attending the after party. In both cases, you’ll need the full works. The manicure and pedicure are essential, especially for those close-up photo shoots after the ceremony. A proper waxing and facial is also important because you’ll be wearing a nice dress, and there’s more than a chance that you’ll be in a few professionally-shot photos.

Have A “Good Hair Day”

Good hair days are hard to come by. In addition to traditional spa treatments, tack on a cut and color to leave the salon fully ready for your next big outing. Especially as the weather warms up, it’s nice to change it up with a refreshing style. Our expert stylists and colorists are among the best in the business. Don’t believe us? Check Instagram.

No matter the occasion, Zano Salons can accommodate you and your group for an unforgettable party. If you’re in a rush, you can choose the Zano Express Service, which features 30-minute sessions for manicure, pedicure, massages, facials, and a hair blow out. Pre-built spa packages are also available. You can also make appointments for special occasions, standard haircuts, or hair treatments.

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