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Manicure & Pedicure Nail Salon Services

Pamper yourself with affordable, luxury spa nail treatments.

You’re only as beautiful as you feel. That’s why at Zano Salons, we offer exceptional manicures and pedicures nail salon services that’ll leave you feeling luxurious. We know that our clients work with their hands and are on their feet all day long.

Fortunately, manicures and pedicures allow you to de-stress and make your nails and toenails look beautiful. Our nail care experts provide the pampering and proper maintenance your hands and feet need to remain healthy, radiant, and silky smooth. Serving as the best nail spa in Lisle , Downtown Naperville , Batavia , and Naperville/Ogden , Zano Salons provides excellent nail spa treatments.

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Zano Salon Interior


Zano Salon Interior

Nail Pedicure


  • Zano Pedicure $46

  • Therapeutic Paraffin $56

  • Signature Scents $66

  • Exfoliating Cucumber $61

  • Almond Spa $77
Zano Salon Interior

Nail Manicure


  • Zano Manicure $25

  • Therapeutic Paraffin $30

  • Signature Scents $35

  • Exfoliating Cucumber $32

  • Almond Spa $43

Zano Salon Interior

Shellac Nail Polish


  • Add on Shellac Manicure or Enhancement $21

  • Add Re-Shellac to any Manicure or Enhancement $26

  • Add on Shellac Pedicure $26

  • Add Re-Shellac to any Pedicure $31

How Our Spa Manicures and Pedicure Services Work


Our spa manicure consists of cuticle removal, trimming, shaping, and filing of nails, coupled with a relaxing hand massage and towel wrap. Our manicure nail salon services are then finished with a flawless nail polish application.


Pedicures involve a warm foot bath followed by trimming, shaping and filing of the nails. Other amenities include a warm towel wrap and foot massage, finished with the perfect nail polish application.

Zano Shellac Polish

Popular Nail Shapes to Choose For Your Next Manicure at Our Nail Spa

Zano Salon Interior
Zano Salon Interior

There’s more to nails than just a square or round shape. Pick among a rich variety of nail shapes for your next nail manicure at our nail spas in Naperville, Batavia, and Lisle, Illinois

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Coffin
  • Ballerina
  • Soft Square
  • Almond
  • Moroccan Almond
  • Stiletto
  • Edge
  • Squoval

Popular Types of Manicures

Basic Manicure Treatment

A basic manicure is a simple nail treatment that includes the cleaning of cuticles, then a trim, file, and shape of the nails. Manicurists perform a quick message and then nails are polished with a base coat, a polish of your choice, and a final coat of clear nail polish. Schedule an appointment to receive a manicure at our nail salons.

French Manicure Nail Salon Treatment

French manicures are a classic simple style that looks good for any occasion. The french manicure applies the basic manicure (clean, trim, file, shape, and massage), except a crescent moon-like shaped polish is applied to the tips of your nails.

Gel Manicure Treatment

A gel manicure nail salon treatment is a durable solution that requires little to no maintenance. Gel manicures acquire all the basics of a regular manicure (clean, trim, file, shape, and massage), however, after each layer of gel polish is applied, your nails are then exposed to a UV light. This leaves nails looking gorgeous and long-lasting. Our nail salons in Naperville, Lisle, and Batavia offer gel manicure treatments to help you look your best.

Shellac Manicure Nail Spa Treatment

Shellac nails are a long-lasting, low-chip alternative that blends gel and traditional nail polish to promote color, shine, durability and nail protection. Shellac starts off with a basic manicure (clean, trim, file, shape, and massage) and then proceeds with two coats of shellac nail polish that are dried and finished with a final clear coat.

Acrylic Manicure Treatment

An acrylic manicure consists of powder polymer and a liquid monomer which blends in with your original nail — serving as an extension to your nails. This solution forms a firm layer over your nails by firstly, buffing each nail so that the acrylic sticks to the original nail. Then acrylic powder polymer and liquid monomer are carefully applied and sculpted with a brush to fit the shape of your nails. From there, the ends are then softened, dried, and polished with a nail color of your choice.

We are the best nail spa to visit in Batavia, Lisle, and Naperville for all types of manicures. Zano Salons also offers other salon and spa treatments such as haircuts, hairstyling, massages, facial treatments, and hair coloring. Schedule an appointment online to receive a manicure or pedicure appointment.