Doing Makeup When You Are On the Run

Makeup Tips for Busy Schedules

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Good makeup usually takes time. Like, a lot. Sigh. So, if you are short on time and regularly apply makeup, here are some tips to ensure you can still achieve the look you want in a fraction of the time.

Personalize Your Makeup Routine

Everyone has a different daily makeup routine. A makeup or facial feature that is a major concern to some may be negligible for others, so keep in mind that you should only do what you think is important and necessary to look your absolute best!

Focus on Opening Your Eyes

Dot an eyebrow pencil onto those few sparse areas of your eyebrows if you are in a rush but enjoy polished eyebrows. Once they are evened out, coat with a tinted eyebrow gel or clear mascara for a natural (and awesome!) look.

Oftentimes people do not find eyeliner important enough to put on in a hurry. It takes a long time and many choose to skip it. Next time, try tightlining to save some precious minutes and make your eyes appear larger. With a dark brown or black waterproof brush or pencil, look down into your mirror and add liner to the upper lash line from underneath your lashes into the waterline. Basically, you are applying color directly where your lashes are growing out of your skin. Hello eyes! They will look effortlessly more wide-open.

If you don’t have the time to apply mascara well, and don’t find it absolutely necessary to color your lashes differently, consider investing in an eyelash curler. Curled lashes frame and define eyes in ways similar to mascara, minus the color. Curling is a cool way to open up your eyes.

Make Skin Look Alive

Maybe you did not get enough sleep, but you would prefer not to be told that you look tired all day. Slap on some peach-colored concealer to your eyelids and under eye area to hide any darkness. The peach color swept under your eyes will brighten them as well. Add a touch of translucent powder and a coat of mascara to ensure you look fresh and well-rested!

Always mix your tinted foundation with moisturizer to create a more natural appearance and to save time. The moisturizer sheers out any foundation. This will give you a beautiful base and make any colors on your face truly pop.

Swipe on a Quick Lipstick

There are hundreds of different lip products currently on the market, and many claim to do different things. There is lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, lip balm and lip moisturizer, to name a few. Find something that combines highlighting some of your favorite lip features in one product, like a lip gloss crayon. Go with whatever works for you. That way, you can have all the color, highlights and moisture you want all at once! Something wine-colored on your lips creates a soft and diffused look on your face.

Finish with Powder

Be sure to finish up with some powder spread evenly over your face with a big, fluffy brush. This will keep everything in place so you don’t have to stress about your quickly made up face all day.                                     

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