Find a Hair Specialist Near You in Naperville, Lisle, or Batavia, Illinois

At Zano Salons, we have the most talented hairdressers in the industry, giving you the latest, trendiest haircuts of the season. Visit a haircut salon for women or men in Downtown Naperville, Batavia, Lisle, or Naperville-Ogden to receive a fresh haircut from our hair specialists. Our team of hairdressers also offers haircuts for teens and kids to ensure they look their best for parties, graduations, prom, school dances, and more. Looking for classic hairstyles? We’re old-fashioned too.

Choose among a wide range of hairstyles at our haircut salons — whether contemporary, traditional, or a little bit of both — that tailors to your look.

All haircuts from our hairdressers at our salon start with a personal consultation to determine what hairstyle you desire. Once hair specialists are done, we even provide thorough instructions on how to maintain your style to ensure radiant, long-lasting results.

The moment you walk in the door to at our haircut salons for women and men, our hairdressers make you feel at home.

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Hair Cuts & Hair Salon Services in Naperville, Lisle, and Batavia, Illinois

Haircut & Hair Styling Packages

No matter the haircut or style you desire, Zano Salons is the hairdresser near you that can bring your hair goals to life.


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Most Popular Haircut and Hairstyle Trends

Stay with the times. Whether returning to retro or going all-natural, keep up with the latest hairstyles in today’s era. Before you schedule your haircut appointment at our haircut salons in Batavia, Lisle, or Downtown Naperville, consider these trendy hairstyles.

The Strong/Blunt Bob

Let’s get straight to the point — a blunt bob does striking wonders. Receive a haircut from our hairdressers near you that makes a statement. Blunt bobs, also known as strong bobs, work for various different hair types and textures, presenting a classically chic aesthetics. Schedule an appointment at our haircut salon for women and men to receive a new hairstyle.

Retro Style

As all great trends ever do, Retro makes a stunning comeback. Curtained bangs, teased crowns, finger waves, brushed out curls — the possibilities are endless at our haircut salons for women in Naperville, Batavia, and Lisle, Illinois. Retro hair is especially a fun style for medium to long-length hair, giving the utmost feminine allure. Book a haircut appointment with our hairdressers to receive a new hairstyle.

The Shattered Bob

Our team of hair specialists near you in Naperville, Lisle, and Batavia, Illinois recommend the shattered bob because it is a pioneering variant that has evolved from the strict chic look to an edgier, thrilling appeal. This particular bob is designed by our hairdressers near you by adding dimensional textures at the end of one’s hair to create movement and layers.

Boho Hair

Stay golden. Ask our hair specialists near you in Naperville, Lisle, or Batavia, Illinois about this popular haircut trend that medium to long-length hair can enjoy. For an easy-going, fresh look, try long loose waves, fishtail braids, partial updos, and fun accessories to complement your bohemian look. Visit our haircut salons for women to receive boho hair

Big n’ Curly

Embracing the exotic look, natural curls are on an all-time high in the beauty trend. Big, textured, full curls, with lots of volume and movement, make for the optimum allure. The hairdressers at our haircut salons for women and men specialize at cutting and styling curly and straight hair.


Easy to maintain and absolutely stunning, the lob (long bob) is another development of the bob. This haircut provided by our team of hairdressers at our haircut salons varies in length from shoulder to collarbone and can be personalized to fit your desires.

Asymmetrical Undercut

This super sleek, edgy style is becoming a popular endeavor that strikes a dramatic yet simplistic appeal. Noted as the “short bob/pixie hybrid”, the asymmetrical undercut involves voluminous curls on one side and an undercut on the other.

Haircuts & Hairstyling Services at Our Beauty Salons & Spas

Our Haircut Salons for Women & Men Will Help You Choose a Trendy Hair Color

Add some color to your life. Our hairdressers in Naperville, Lisle, and Batavia, Illinois offer a large selection of hair coloring services. Here’s a list of popular hair colors to try, in case you were looking to break from your normal style.

Whimsical Wear

  • Faded pastel
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Hollywood opal
  • Honey golden blonde
  • Dusty pink

Seasonal Styles

  • Blackberry hair
  • Golden copper
  • Caramel hair
  • Iced caramel latte

Bold & Beautiful

  • Fire red
  • Flaming red orange ombre
  • Lavender
  • Royal blue

Simply Sophisticated

  • Chestnut
  • Dark auburn
  • Golden blonde
  • Almost black
  • Chocolate

Tips for Maintaining Your Hairstyle After Visiting a Hairdresser Near You

Here are ways to maintain your beautiful, luscious haircut long after you leave your hairdresser at our haircut salon.

Haircuts & Hairstyling Services at Zano Salons

Use Heat Protectant

Once you leave our haircut salons for women, our hair specialists recommend always applying heat protectant prior to blowdrying, curling, or straightening. Heat protectants form a barrier around your hair and prevent heat damage, leaving your hair sleek, smooth, and frizz-free.

Don’t Over Wash Hair

If you are looking to maintain your trendy hairstyle, our hair specialists near you do not recommend over washing your hair. Over-washing strips hair of natural oils, causing hair to dry out, frizz, and damage over time. Find the perfect timeframe for washing hair that’s suitable for your hair type.

Use The Proper Brush

The hairdressers at our haircut salons in Batavia, Lisle, and Naperville, Illinois recommend using the right brush for your hair to prevent hair damage and to reduce the number of falling strands. Speak with a hair consultant to determine the right brush for your hair type.

Sleep on Sleek Pillow

To prolong the lifespan of your hairstyle after leaving our haircut salon for women and menu, our team of hair specialists near you recommend investing in a silk pillowcase. Standard cotton pillows tend to cause major friction, resulting in frizzy and matted hair.

Deep Condition Hair

Deep conditioning is an extremely effective way to replenish and moisturize your hair. Our hairdressers recommend deep conditioning your hair every two to three weeks, depending on hair type. Deep conditioning especially benefits color-treated hairstyles.

Take a Break

Daily hair rituals typically strand our hair over time. Blowdrying, straightening, curling, applying excessive amounts of hair products, etc., — sometimes our hair just needs a break. Take a day or two away from your hair ritual, from time to time, to let your hair breathe.

At Zano Salons, we are more than happy to provide you with extensive details on ways to treat your hair.

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