Hair Color Salons & Services in Naperville, Lisle, & Batavia, Illinois

Hair Color Services in Naperville, Lisle, & Batavia, Illinois

When it comes to your hair, it’s personal. Coloring your hair is a delicate and important matter. From picking out the perfect color to implementing a hair technique that best compliments your style, you deserve a professional hair color experience that radiates the beauty in you. Our hair color experts in Batavia, Naperville/Ogen, Lisle, and Downtown Naperville will help you stay ahead of the trends and give you new hair coloring ideas. Are you looking for an excellent hair salon near you that offers all types of hair color and highlights? Our salon coloring services will make you proud of your image.

At Zano Salons, we’ll help you stay ahead of the trends with our excellent hair color services. From partial highlights to balayage, your hair color specialist can bring your hair vision to life. Get the fashion-forward look you crave from some of the most highly trained hair colorists in the industry. Our stylists start each hair coloring appointment with a personal consultation, to determine the color and hair style you want. We finish with instructions on how to maintain your hair color and look at home, so your new hair style lasts even longer. Our hair salons also offer luxury hair cuts, hair styles, and hair treatment services to meet your beauty preferences and needs.

We combine luxury treatments with old-fashioned customer service. The moment you walk into our salon, we make you feel at home. From hanging your coat up for you to offering fruit-infused water, Zano Salons will give you an amazing hair color experience.

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Our Hair Coloring Techniques

Dyeing your hair at home may seem convenient, but it can be a complete disaster. To avoid hair damage or dyeing mishaps, leave the hassle to us! Seek professional hair color services with our expert hair colorists. Want a new hair color, but don’t know where to start? Zano Salons keep up with the hottest highlighting trends, performing hair color applications that exude vibrancy and ultra-softness. Here are the various hair color techniques we offer to choose from!

Color Retouch

Simple yet oh so necessary, a color retouch is a great way to revive your hair color. Only a single hair color is applied during this process and merely involves applying color to the roots where natural hair growth begins to show.

Single Process

A traditional hair color technique, a single process involves only one hair color that is applied all over the head and lightens or darkens the hair. Single processes are great for creating an even distribution and can turn dull hair to shiny and vibrant.

Double Process

More complex than a single process, a double process typically lightens or darkens hair passed two shades or more. The double process still involves only one hair color but instead refers to its two-step process. First, hair is bleached to remove its original hair color. Next, the hair is toned to create the shade of your desire.

Color Correction

Did you try a new hair color and didn’t like how it turned out? No worries! Color correction is a great way to change a hair color gone bad. This process can correct uneven color, dullness, and hair color mishaps of many varieties. Color correction consists of toners and purple shampoos to help neutralize or change the hair color.

Partial Highlights

A partial highlight involves highlights that are only done in specific sections of the hair, typically around the face for framing or brightening. This process results in a more natural allure and is less expensive than a full highlight.

Full Highlight

A full highlight requires highlights throughout the entire head and creates a dramatic look compared to the more subtle, dimensional effect of partial highlights. This process uses foils throughout the entire head of hair to create radiating appeal.


Balayage is a freehand technique that applies highlights in the hair that creates natural graduation, from darkness to lightness. This element brings a freshness and vibrant look. Balayage is especially popular for blonde hair, but can also be applied to hair colors of all kinds.

Ask Your Stylist

If you have any questions or concerns, you're more than welcome to speak with our hair color specialist for more information!

Hair Tips to Minimize Hair Color Damage

Hair coloring can cause severe hair damage if not taken care of properly. If you’re looking to make that big color change, here are three essential tips to remember before, during, and after your hair coloring process.

Avoid Heat Styling Right Before and After Hair Coloring

Try not to apply heat to your hair a couple of days before and after your hair color appointment to reduce the risk of potential hair damage.

Be Honest During Your Consultation

No need to keep secrets from your hair color specialist! Be honest with your stylist about past hair color history, hair health, and your dislikes and likes so that they are able to come up with the best color strategy for your hair.

Use Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner, & Hair Treatments

Keep your hair as healthy as possible. At home, apply quality shampoo and conditioners geared towards strengthening and protecting your hair. A great way to maintain hair health is to also apply hot oil treatment to your hair once every few weeks. Ask your stylist to recommend a mask or haircare product specifically made for colored hair.