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    Top 5 Hair Colors for 2019

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    The best way to truly express the “New Year, New You” is with a new hair color.

    If you’re looking for a way to bid farewell to last year and kick off the New Year with a bang, do it with a hair transformation. Set the tone for 2019 with a hair color! We’ve got five of the hottest hair color trends that will make you want to call your hairstylist immediately.

    Schedule an appointment with a hair stylist or colorist at Zano Salons. The specialists at our beauty salons in Downtown Naperville, Lisle, or Naperville-Ogden, or Batavia, Illinois will help you choose a hair color that fits your unique style and tastes.

    The Latest Hair Color Trends:

    Looking for a New Hair Color? Try a Coral Hue with a Golden Undertone

    The Pantone Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral. The hair color is described as an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

    To achieve this fun and playful hair color, ask your hair colorist for peachy pink tones. Think along the lines of a lovely copper with pink undertones. Subtle coral accents would complement golden blonde or light brown hair. Or, you can go edgy with a full head of vivid peachy-pink tresses.

    While copper hair colors do look best on cool complexions, you can rock this color whatever your skin tone. Ask a hair stylist at Zano Salons to mix the perfect shade of coral that compliments you.

    Subtle Hair Transitions

    High-contrast melts are your friend, particularly if you don’t want anyone messing with your scalp. Your hair color stylist will work inches away from your roots to create a seamless and natural melt.

    Our expert hair color stylists at Zano Salons are able to achieve this look. This marriage between balayage and ombre is the graduation of three shades or more. If you have naturally brown hair, your hair colorist can add an ash brown that transitions into platinum. Book an appointment at our beauty salons in Naperville, Batavia, and Lisle, Illinois to receive a hair transition.

    Jet Black Hair is Back

    There was a time when jet black hair was considered too hard and gothic. Today, it’s undeniably sassy, classy, and chic. There’s something about this hair color that is daring yet soft and cool. It’s seriously dramatic and the perfect way to make a drastic change, especially if you’re a natural blonde. To make jet black hair last and make a real impact, ask your hairstylist for tips on how to maintain its high shine.

    Soft and Sun-Kissed Hairstyle

    Highlights are probably the least radical way to update your ‘do. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something more natural. Your hair stylist and colorist will apply hair coloring to small sections of your hair to create more dimension.

    You can easily lift the color of your natural hair to achieve a summery feel, but how about taking it a few steps further? Complement brown or hair with honey or amber highlights; if you’re blonde, your hairstylist may suggest caramel, golden or silvery highlights. Strawberry or auburn blonde highlights would look gorgeous on redheads.

    Step into Spring with Sweet Lilac

    Show how over winter you are by being the first to rock the warm and inviting colors of spring. Sweet Lilac is one of the beautiful colors from Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2019 NYFW Color Palette. It’s described as an “endearing pink infused lavender” with an “easy and gentle manner quietly charms.”

    Charm your way into the New Year with your unique take on this Sweet Lilac trend. Choose from a bright, vivid version if you’re feeling adventurous or the perfect flirty pastel. Imagine your naturally blonde or brunette hair gradually turn into sweet hues of pink-lavender.

    If you’re not quite ready to let go of your locks with a dramatic cut but still want a cool hairstyle change, do it with color. Schedule your appointment today!

    Summer is basically here, which means it’s time for a makeover. Or, if not a new look, at least an update to your current style. Luckily for you, Zano Salon has new summer products for the hair and body that might be perfect for you.

    Check out our Refer A Friend program!


    A post shared by Schorem (@schorembarbier) on

    Reuzel Pomade

    This one is for the guys. The Reuzel line comes from the famous Schorem barber shop in Rotterdam (that’s in the Netherlands, in case you were wondering), and it’s starting to make waves here with multiple products. The main attraction is its lineup of pomades, which can hold your hair in specific styles. Each variant not only differs in overall strength but also on shine intensity. Reuzel also makes additional products for the hair and beard such as shampoos, conditioners, and beard balm.

    A post shared by ColorProof (@colorproofhair) on

    Bio Repair 8

    ColorProof’s latest product is for those who want a healthier scalp as well as those with color-treated hair and suffer from breakage or thinning. You’ll first use the Anti-Thinning Shampoo to restore your scalp, and then apply the Anti-Thinning conditioning formula to reinforce the new scalp surface, which leads to stronger hair. The final step involves the use of an apple and grape stem cell scalp serum as a final coat above the scalp. This will strengthen the scalp, and provide a solid foundation for new and healthy hair. In addition to these products, the Bio Repair line also includes a blow dry spray.

    A post shared by RIKOKO (@rikokobeauty) on

    Rikoko Beauty

    Looking for some new color tints in your hair? Try the Prism leave-in conditioner lineup from Rikoko, which are made with coconut oil, passion fruit, and vetiver (a type of grass native to India). There are five Prism colors to choose from such as include opal, rouge, and bronze. In addition to providing color tints, the Prism products also add moisture, shine, and protection from humidity. If color tinting isn’t your thing, you can check out other Rikoko products such as shampoo, conditioner, and hair balm, all of which also use coconut oil.

    Eleven Australia

    For more budget-friendly products, you might want to take a look at Eleven Australia. A majority of the company’s products are for your hair, which includes volume shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, and pomades. However, the company also makes lotion and body wash, which makes it an effective a one-stop source for your hair and body care needs. Some Eleven products are also vegan and gluten-free, and there are even a few travel-sized variants, so you can take them with you when you’re traveling across the country or around the world. 

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    Rose gold has seemingly taken over every aspect of Millennial existence: from technology to Snapchat filters, clothing, and accessories, the color is everywhere. A newer way to “rosé all day” has emerged over the past year: rose blonde hair.

    For those looking for a versatile change-up from the usual high and lowlights, consider this edgy take on a classic. Celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Elle Fanning, and Hilary Duff have all plunged into the rose gold pool. While they dove right into an all-over tone, clients can also dip in one toe at a time by adding rose blonde highlights throughout their existing colors.

    Zano Salons has the most highly trained hair colorists in the industry, and they never shy away from opportunities to try different looks. This rose blonde shade is one of them. We’ve done it before, and we’re eager to do it again!

    A post shared by Zano Salons (@zanosalons) on

    Book your next appointment and check out our current color service specials here!

    Before you swan dive into the rose blonde color pool, we’ve answered some questions about one of the hottest trends of 2018. Think pink.

    Will it look good on me?

    The main appeal of rose blonde is its versatility: it complements any skin tone, and can be modified to an exact hue that works for you. So, although it will be a change, it won’t be SO shocking that you will no longer recognize yourself. It will add character in a wearable, classy way.

    How Do I Get Rose Blonde Hair?

    There are always two choices: DIY or the salon. If you’ve decided on coloring your entire head with rose blonde, having a professional colorist take the reigns is by far the best option. The look will require more maintenance as time goes on, and it will be most beneficial to stick with someone who knows where you started and where you should end up on the color spectrum. And, with a significant change like this, wouldn’t you like it done right instead of worrying about the outcome?

    For highlights, the same rule applies. You may be able to get away with keeping it up yourself, but it would still do a great service to gauge your colorist’s opinion on which products are preferred over others. As good as a lot of home color products are, one mishap can affect your look, particularly if it’s the first time and you have to bleach your hair. No one wants to go through the hassle of going back to the salon and spending more money fixing a mistake than preventing it from the beginning!

    How Should I Prep For Rose Blonde Hair?

    For blondes, it’s rather simple. Just visit your colorist and add rose gold highlights to get the look. For the brunette and black hair colors, it’s a bit more challenging. Accept that achieving this look is not impossible, but it will take some time. Hair needs to be bleached before applying rose blonde, regardless of the starting color. The darker the shade, the longer (and more expensive) it will take to build the shade. If you’re up for the color, but not so much the upkeep or expense, you can always try dyeing your ends or light layers first to see how much you like it before committing to the full-on hair color.

    How Do I Take Care of Rose Blonde Hair?

    Once you do have the look, it will require regular maintenance and retouching. Customers will notice the first signs of fading after 5-7 washes. To prolong fading, adjust your hair care routine. Using color-treated shampoos, conditioners, and other products doesn’t stop fading entirely but can delay it as much as possible. Ask your colorist what products he or she recommends.

    Curl Up And Dye: Our Picks For Fun Hair Colors To Try This Year!

    Are you thinking of switching up your hair color? Zano’s hair colorists and stylists are prepared to help you reinvent your look. From rose gold to silver and rainbow, it’s safe to say we’ve seen a surge of eclectic color choices over the past couple years, to which we say: a little color never hurt anyone!

    We’re all for taking risks. But, it’s important to take it one step at a time. A drastic color change looks completely different on your head than it does online. That’s not to say it won’t look equally great; it’s just key to take into account your natural hair color, texture, budget, and hair care routine so you end up with a color and style that works for your lifestyle. Instead of diving head first into the color pool, dip in one toe at a time until you’ve reached a color you’re comfortable sporting every day.

    Dying for a change? Make an appointment!

    For those of you on board with color, we’ve got some examples of the magic our colorists have been able to create with some of our clients.


    Blue Hair Color Zanos


    We’re feeling blue – not sad, we’re just really loving the concept of deep blue tones. Blue is a popular color because it’s often not as harsh or “crazy” as other colors of the rainbow. It can also go with a variety of skins tones and styles. If you’re intent on going blue, make sure it is the right shade of blue: sky blues are more complimentary to lighter natural hair colors, while deep blues (as pictured) work well with darker bases.

    Fun fact: Some celebrities who’ve had blue hair are Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and Nicole Richie.

    Bronde Balayage

    Bronde Balayage

    It’s as they say: brondes have more fun. “Bronde,” the combination of blonde and brown hair, is the best of both worlds. How to get it? Balayage.

    Balayage is a highly popular technique, and one of the most requested in our salon. Balayage is often confused with “ombre.” Balayage is the technique that creates the ombre style. The signature dark-to-light transition of ombre is achieved through the gentle dispersion of color throughout your hair.

    The word ‘balayage’ comes from a French term that means “to sweep.” Our stylists apply balayage by sweeping the color through hair in small triangular sections in foil to give it a more natural transition to light from dark. The end result is hair with more dimension and interest.

    Brown baylayge Facebook video embedding link: <iframe src=”″ width=”267″ height=”476″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

    Icy Blonde

    Platinum Blonde Zanos

    Today’s forecast: icy, platinum blonde hair. From Kim Kardashian’s internet-breaking platinum bob to Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, and Christina Aguilera, this near-white shade is making headlines. Despite its ice queen quality, platinum hair adds warmth and opens up your face to accentuate your features. The cold never bothered us, anyway. (Had to).

    Cherry Red

    Redhead Zanos

    This cherry-red hue is great for the girl who wants to be noticed. It’s an edgy choice, but if done well, it offer an edge that is sass and class. Not dissimilar to our advice about blue undertones, you have to be sure this is what you want before you move forward. You can get a feel for it first by trying some cherry lowlights in the under-layers of your hair.


    Follow Zano Salons on Instagram and Facebook to see more transformations!

    Guide to a Gorgeous Wedding Day Look

    Your wedding day is the ultimate occasion to show off your style and personality. The hairstyle you choose is a part of that. No matter what your day has in store for you, your hair and makeup should be able to keep up and highlight, not take away from, your natural beauty. Zano Salons makes this process easy by offering on-site bridal services and blow dry styling options with clear pricing.

    Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with countless beautiful brides on their big days. It’s in that time we’ve discovered some timeless truths that will help you be the timeless bride you wish to be. Follow these tips to make sure you truly get the look you want on your wedding day.


    Oftentimes, it’s hard to articulate something that lives in your mind. This is why stylists suggest bringing two to three photos of hairstyles that resemble your vision to your trial. It will be much easier for your stylist to pick up the feel you’re going for, make further recommendations, and save time trying to “guess and check” what you like.


    What makes your wedding look special is the attention to the details that make it your own unique look. Is there something you’d definitely like to wear on your wedding day, like a headband, tiara or flower crown? Does your dress harken back to a certain time period? Incorporating those aspects into your hairstyle will not only play up your wedding theme, but your personality as well. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.


    Although you want to be clean and fresh for your wedding day, it’s recommended to avoid showering the night before. Shampooing and conditioning your hair removes essential oils that build up in your hair that will help your style hold. Clean hair tends to have a slippery consistency that makes curling it a chore. Styling your hair with slightly more natural greases will make your hair more adaptable and save time.


    This is the time to work out all the kinks (literally). You’re going to be able to see not only how your style will look on your wedding day, but how it will feel. If you don’t like it, it’ll be easy for your stylist to come with another option and get to know which products to use based on your needs, the environment, and flow of your wedding. Make sure you consider all angles, as well: your style should highlight all sides of your face so that your photographer can get great shots from all sides.

    There’s no day like your wedding day to be bold. However, there is such a thing as too bold. It’s not recommended to significantly change your color or cut right before your wedding. It’s not worth the potential stress you’ll feel trying to combine your new look with decisions you’ve already made.


    Never count on perfect weather for your wedding day in the Midwest. Even if it’s summertime, you just never know. Consider the environment your wedding is in: is it indoors, outdoors, or both? What kinds of elements are your hair and makeup going to be exposed to? If you are the bride, it ultimately comes down to whatever makes you comfortable. That being said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a kit in your limo or at the church during pictures with extra hairspray, bobby pins, or clips to fix last-minute flyaways.


    Chances are, your stylist has dealt with brides in similar situations. Whether they’ve been rained on, snowed on, burned by the sun, or windblown, hair and makeup artists have seen it all. This not only pertains to weather, but in times of conflict resolution, it’s nice to have someone on your side. Getting his or her feedback on what they would recommend based on your desired look, hair type, wedding theme, or location will put you more at ease and even open you up to options you didn’t know you had.

    In the process of wedding planning? Contact Zano Salons to schedule an appointment and get to know our styling team!
    A Guide to Having "Green" Hair

    An upward trend in hair care is actually a tale as old as time: know what you’re putting in and on your body. In a world with the latest information at your fingertips, customers are becoming increasingly conscious of their daily decisions and noticing the benefits simple changes to all-natural, vegan and chemical-free products can make.

    Green haircare has exploded, with endless coveted options to suit virtually every need for every hair type. Customers are no longer having to sacrifice commitment to healthy living for effectiveness – or curb appeal, for that matter. But with such vast options, how do you know what’s right for you? Is there really a difference between all these green-living buzzwords? Any company can stamp on a label, so we’ve compiled a guide to help you decide what is best for you and your lifestyle.

    Why should I change my hair products?

    Shampoos pumped with chemicals and synthetics come at a cheaper price but have been linked to itchy scalps, dandruff, dry hair, and in extreme cases, hair loss. Especially if you have existing issues with your hair, it may be time for a change.

    Out with synthetics and in with more rejuvenating elements like avocados, bananas, coconut and moroccan oils and aloe. These are household ingredients that rejuvenate hair and are now being used by many honest-to-goodness, all-natural hair care brands. Adding natural, vegan and/or chemical-free products to your regimen will infuse hair with the nutrients it needs for less maintenance and more brilliant shine.


    The key to natural hair products is reading the label correctly: the scientific terminology of naturally recurring ingredients can make it sound worse than it is. For example, sodium chloride is sea salt and citric acid is a compound in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and pomegranates. Percentages of natural and synthetic ingredients are listed in descending order on the bottle, so an easy trick is to pick a product where chemicals are mainly at the bottom of the list.

    Botanical ingredients infuse your hair and skin cells with natural minerals, herbal extracts and oils that gently wash away wear and restore moisture. Coconut or moroccan oils and aloe are natural moisturizers that promote healthy hair, while shea butter gives shine. Scalp irritation can be addressed with organic tea tree and beta glucan, which can help heal and soothe sensitive scalp skin.


    Chemical-free products have no traces of man-made, mass-produced ingredients in them. They are 100% the sum of their naturally occurring parts. However, just because something is chemical-free doesn’t make it organic and vice versa; if you buy organic vegetables at the farmer’s market, that doesn’t automatically make them pesticide-free.

    One chemical to be on the lookout for is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is known to remove oils and wipe away the pigments in hair dye. Buying a sulfate-free shampoo, particularly for color-treated hair, will help enhance and enrich your styled color.


    No animals were harmed in the making of these shampoos. Vegan products do not contain any animal products or byproducts and should be rid of any chemicals or man-produced elements. Vegan products will help get rid of grimy dirt and oils that build up in your hair. They are also filled with essentials, like tree tea and jojoba, that are plant-based to spur growth. Notably, they do not use any parabens. Parabens are common ingredients in many retail shampoos that can damage hair follicles. Subtracting parabens and adding natural ingredients helps the hair stay healthy and relieves follicle deterioration.

    Being Green at  Zano Salons

    Zano Salons recognizes that to have great hair, it all starts at the root. We’ve combed through and carefully selected various vegan, chemical-free and natural products that will help revitalize your hair. Take a look at the brands we trust here for more information.

    Fall Hair Colors

    Your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only thing that gets switched up for the fall – give your hair a little TLC, too.

    Wondering what color you should go with? We’re glad you asked.

    Here are the fall hair colors we recommend:

    Brown with Warm Accents

    Fall Hair Colors

    Photo Credit: You Beauty

    Selena Gomez does a great job of pairing her dark brown locks with auburn accents. A style like this still gives you the option to subtly lighten up dark hair while having to go blonde. If you’d like to go a little lighter, adding in a few golden-blonde highlights to this look or turning this dark brown into chestnut brown will still give you great looks for the season.

    Platinum Blonde to Beige

    Fall Hair Colors

    Photo Credit: My Hair Colors

    Whether blondes actually have more fun ..we’ll never really know. However, you don’t have to kiss your summer-fun, platinum blonde hair away now that it’s fall with this color. Soo Joo Park warms up for the fall by adding golden hues to her ‘do.

    Rose Gold with Accents

    Fall Hair Colors

    Photo Credit: All Womens Talk

    …we just couldn’t resist. This color is a girly girl’s dream and it’s a perfect way to doll up for the fall. We love the mix of medium brown tones, platinum highlights, and touches of pink throughout this look.


    Fall Hair Colors

    Photo Credit: Blog Lovin’

    ..iIt’s kinda brown’s kinda blonde. If you’ve always been on the fence about going completely blonde or brown, now you can choose both. Elizabeth Olsen’s tresses smoothly transition from a medium brown to irresistible golden tones that are perfectly tasteful for the fall.


    Fall Hair Colors

    Photo Credit: Stylecaster

    We loved watching all of Emma Stone’s red hair transitions over the years, but this is hands-down our favorite. This tone of coppery-red has just the right hint of blonde to welcome in the fall season.

    Whatever direction you choose for your hair color, we’ve got a talented group of colorists waiting to make your fall hair dreams come true.

    And lucky for you, we’re currently offering $10 to $20 off can be yours with new hair services.