Benefits of Receiving a Professional Massage

Benefits of Receiving a Professional Massage

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When many of us think of a massage we think of one word: relaxation. While it’s true massages are intended to help us relax, we may be unaware of the other health benefits of getting a professional massage. Receiving a massage from a professional massage therapist and beauty spa has a variety of benefits.

Visit our beauty spas and salons in Downtown Naperville, Lisle, Naperville-Ogden, and Batavia, Illinois to receive a professional massage from a beauty specialist. Visitors may select from our massage therapy options, such as our traditional massages or  specialty massages that include river rocks. We also allow guests to customize their massage services and choose a duration for the appointment. Available massage sessions options include 25 minutes, 50 minutes, and 75 minutes.

Zano Salons provides an excellent deal for guests that book a couple of massage therapy appointments. Guests are able to receive a free massage session when they book a total of 3 massages. Book an appointment at one of our beauty spas to receive a stimulating and therapeutic massage.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:


Massage Therapy Sessions Eliminate Stress

Stress can have negative effects on the body including mental strain, weight gain, sleep issues and digestive problems. When we are stressed, the stress hormone cortisol is released in the body, compounding these issues. Visiting a beauty spa for a massage therapy appointment can help reduce stress in the body and help relax and rejuvenate.


Massages Reduce Headaches by Alleviating Tension

Headaches can be caused by tension in the body. Receiving a massage at a beauty spa help reduce this tension, reducing the number of tension headaches you may have, and relieving the pain caused from these headaches.


Massage Services Help Improve Posture & Improve Back Muscles

Spend most of your work hours sitting at a desk? Taking advantage of professional massage services can help counteract the negative issues caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time, such as pain and weakness in the lower back. Regularly scheduled massage therapy can help correct posture issues and help us to strengthen back and glute muscles weakened by sedentary lifestyles. Are you experiencing the side effects of back issues or poor posture? Schedule an appointment at one of our beauty spas and salons in Naperville, Batavia, Lisle, or Naperville-Ogden to receive a professional massage from a trained massage therapist.

Massages Reduce Insomnia

Massage Therapy Reduces Pain in Joints & Muscles to Reduce Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Massage therapy induces a state of relaxation in our bodies, reducing tension and relieving joint and muscle pain. The relaxation and reduction in pain and stress offered by massage therapy helps provide a more restful nights sleep to those who tend to have trouble sleeping.


Massage Therapists Pinpoint Areas Trouble to Reduce Joint Pain

When we knock our leg against a table or hit our elbow, what do we immediately do to relieve the pain? We rub the spot we hit. Massage therapy is a more practiced form of what we naturally do to relieve pain. Massage therapists and beauty spas and salons are trained to pinpoint pain and work out the issues through the techniques they have been trained to perform. This massaging helps lessen joint pain and help improve mobility.


Massages Help Assist With Blood Flow in Damaged Areas of the Circulatory System

Massaging the body stimulates circulation and increases blood flow. The pressure put on the circulatory system from massage therapy at beauty salons and spas helps move blood through broken or damaged portions of the system, promoting healing. Regular visits to our massage therapists in Batavia, Naperville, Lisle, and Naperville-Ogden can greatly improve circulation throughout the body, increasing blood flow to extremities and previously blocked pathways. Schedule an appointment at a Zano Salons location to receive exclusive spa treatments from our team of professionals.


Massage Therapy Helps Boost the Immune System


Massage Therapy Helps Reduce Stress and Enhance the Immune System

Chronic stress can take a toll on our bodies immune system, weakening it and leaving us prone to illness and infection. Massage therapy helps reduce this stress, while giving our immune system a boost. Just as regular exercise can strengthen our immune systems, regular massage therapy helps through reducing stress, inducing restfulness and increasing blood flow. Each of these helps boost our immune systems and protect our bodies from harmful germs.

Available Massage Therapy Options at Our Beauty Spas

Zano Salons offers a wide variety of massage services at its beauty spas. Guests may choose a regular massage or a specialty massage that includes river rocks. Visitors may also customize their massage therapy session and select the duration for the appointment. Available options include 25 minute, 50 minute, and 75 minute appointments. Also, Zano Salons offers an exclusive deal for individuals that purchase a couple of massage sessions. Guests are able to earn a free massage session if they purchase a total of 3 massages. Schedule an appointment at a beauty spa or salon in Naperville, Batavia, Lisle, Naperville-Ogden to receive a therapeutic and rejuvenating massage.

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