Ask Your Hair Colorist About These 5 Trending Hair Colors for 2019

Top 5 Hair Colors for 2019

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The best way to truly express the “New Year, New You” is with a new hair color.

If you’re looking for a way to bid farewell to last year and kick off the New Year with a bang, do it with a hair transformation. Set the tone for 2019 with a hair color! We’ve got five of the hottest hair color trends that will make you want to call your hairstylist immediately.

Schedule an appointment with a hair stylist or colorist at Zano Salons. The specialists at our beauty salons in Downtown Naperville, Lisle, or Naperville-Ogden, or Batavia, Illinois will help you choose a hair color that fits your unique style and tastes.

The Latest Hair Color Trends:

Looking for a New Hair Color? Try a Coral Hue with a Golden Undertone

The Pantone Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral. The hair color is described as an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

To achieve this fun and playful hair color, ask your hair colorist for peachy pink tones. Think along the lines of a lovely copper with pink undertones. Subtle coral accents would complement golden blonde or light brown hair. Or, you can go edgy with a full head of vivid peachy-pink tresses.

While copper hair colors do look best on cool complexions, you can rock this color whatever your skin tone. Ask a hair stylist at Zano Salons to mix the perfect shade of coral that compliments you.

Subtle Hair Transitions

High-contrast melts are your friend, particularly if you don’t want anyone messing with your scalp. Your hair color stylist will work inches away from your roots to create a seamless and natural melt.

Our expert hair color stylists at Zano Salons are able to achieve this look. This marriage between balayage and ombre is the graduation of three shades or more. If you have naturally brown hair, your hair colorist can add an ash brown that transitions into platinum. Book an appointment at our beauty salons in Naperville, Batavia, and Lisle, Illinois to receive a hair transition.

Jet Black Hair is Back

There was a time when jet black hair was considered too hard and gothic. Today, it’s undeniably sassy, classy, and chic. There’s something about this hair color that is daring yet soft and cool. It’s seriously dramatic and the perfect way to make a drastic change, especially if you’re a natural blonde. To make jet black hair last and make a real impact, ask your hairstylist for tips on how to maintain its high shine.

Soft and Sun-Kissed Hairstyle

Highlights are probably the least radical way to update your ‘do. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something more natural. Your hair stylist and colorist will apply hair coloring to small sections of your hair to create more dimension.

You can easily lift the color of your natural hair to achieve a summery feel, but how about taking it a few steps further? Complement brown or hair with honey or amber highlights; if you’re blonde, your hairstylist may suggest caramel, golden or silvery highlights. Strawberry or auburn blonde highlights would look gorgeous on redheads.

Step into Spring with Sweet Lilac

Show how over winter you are by being the first to rock the warm and inviting colors of spring. Sweet Lilac is one of the beautiful colors from Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2019 NYFW Color Palette. It’s described as an “endearing pink infused lavender” with an “easy and gentle manner quietly charms.”

Charm your way into the New Year with your unique take on this Sweet Lilac trend. Choose from a bright, vivid version if you’re feeling adventurous or the perfect flirty pastel. Imagine your naturally blonde or brunette hair gradually turn into sweet hues of pink-lavender.

If you’re not quite ready to let go of your locks with a dramatic cut but still want a cool hairstyle change, do it with color. Schedule your appointment today!

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